BLOG: How to use Google Ad Grants to double your conversions


How to use Google Ad Grants to double your conversions

Ad Grant Conversions

Ty Nicholson
November 29, 2022

How to use Google Ad Grants to double your conversions

In this article we examine how the humanitarian organization Afghan-Aid enhanced its crisis appeal campaign using free Google advertising, via the Ad Grant Scheme.

A crucial tool for charity and non-profit organizations wordwide is the Google Ad Grants program. It gives eligible organizations more than $10,000 USD worth of free Google Ads advertising each month, increasing their exposure by showing up in search results precisely when people are looking for topics connected to their cause.

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Boosting of traffic, donations and conversions

As a result of increased traffic and knowledge of their organizations, recipients of Ad Grants often enlarge their website traffic by over 500% and their monthly donation income jump by over 800%.

Afghan-Aid, a humanitarian organization that assists millions of the most needy people in Afghanistan, is one such charity to gain from this elevation.It was succeeded in successfully doubling its donations through Ad Grants during a trying time, raising crucial funds for its ongoing Crisis Appeal.The Crisis Appeal, which was started to aid those impacted by recent events after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan this year, was able to increase the number of free Google Ad grants it was eligible for, leading to a 100% increase in donations. The money donated as a result will be used to provide those in need of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan with emergency shelter, food, hygiene kits, and blankets.

The software provider for Afghan-Aid, The Access Group, discovered that Afghan-Aid was quickly exhausting its daily free advertising budget from Google as the rest of the globe looked for methods to offer higher levels of support. The Access Group subsequently contacted Google and obtained a budget increase from the search engine that was four times the amount that had previously been allotted to Afghan-Aid.After securing the increase in advertising spending, Afghan-Aid welcomed a significant rise in website traffic, which in turn resulted in additional donations. As more people looked for methods to assist those who were forced to abandon their homes as a result of the fighting, the increase in precious ad space also caused a 35 percent increase in website conversions.

Natalia Deane, Head of Communications and Giving at Afghan-Aid, commented on the rise in donations, saying: "We needed to be the first charity people saw when searching on Google for ways to help those living in Afghanistan, to ensure we could provide as much emergency housing, food, hygiene, and financial help as possible.

Increasing traffic indirectly

As a small team, Access' assistance has been crucial in increasing traffic to our Crisis Appeal page and making it as simple as possible for supporters to make donations as soon as they land on our website. As a result, we have been able to expand and aid more people with our emergency relief efforts.

The charity's ability to spend on additional advertising increased by 300% as a result of using Ad Grants, giving them a stronger voice in a highly competitive market. Deane summarized:

"In short, we've been able to significantly raise awareness of the work we do and donations to support the hundreds of families impacted by the violence in Afghanistan."

"Afghan-Aid has worked with (Ad Grant for a number of years now, but this year there has been a big increase in awareness of the wonderful job they do following the tragic events in Afghanistan."


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